Special Program on Theater: Les­sons in Theater Educa­tion (SPOTLITE) is a tuition-free, in-classroom theatre enrichment program that reaches every 4th grade student from local public and private schools and homeschool groups in Bartlesville during the month of October. Taught by OAC Artist-in-Residence, Nick Sweet, this program introduces students to improvisation, nonverbal communication, and the structure of stories.  On the final week, the 4th grade students tour The Center in Bartlesville where they enjoy hands-on lessons in elements of stagecraft, like lighting and makeup, before enjoying a live, interactive performance from Missoula Children’s Theatre. SPOTLITE showcases the many different skills necessary to bring a show to life.

If you would like to learn more about the program, this year’s dates, or how to sponsor the work that CMT and SPOTLITE accomplish in our community, please email Rachel@cmtonstage.com or call our office at 918-336-0558.

Nick Sweet teaches SPOTLITE

SPOTLITE is administrated by Children’s Musical Theatre of Bartlesville (CMT) partnering with the Bartlesville Community Center and is funded in part through grants from the Oklahoma Arts Council and the NEA, ConocoPhillips, P66, and the Bartlesville Allied Arts and Humanities Council.