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Community Programs

Special Program on Theater: Les­sons in Theater Educa­tion, hence SPOTLITE, is an in-classroom theatre enrichment program taught in all 4th grade classes in Bartlesville (public, private, and homeschool).  Nick Sweet, one of CMT’s favorite directors, teaches SPOTLITE 4 times during the month of October (in 45 minute sessions), introducing students to improvisation, non-verbal communication, and the structure of stories.  On the final week, the 4th grade students tour the Bartlesville Community Center where they have short introductions to theatrical crafts like lighting and makeup before enjoying a live interactive performance from Missoula Children’s Theatre directors.  Finally, at the end of the week, students return to the Bartlesville Community Center for a free performance of Missoula Children’s Theatre’s production.  Total educational experience is 5.5 hours over 5 weeks. Total impact in Bartlesville in 2016 was 505 students and 19 teachers and administrators.


SPOTLITE is administrated by Children’s Musical Theatre of Bartlesville (CMT) partnering with the Bartlesville Community Center and is funded in part through grants from the Oklahoma Arts Council, ConocoPhillips, P66, and the Bartlesville Allied Arts and Humanities Council.

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