Travis Dunlap

Travis Dunlap, a Bartlesville native, is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he attained both Bachelor and Master of Music degrees. After graduation he lived two years in Southeast Asia working as an English teacher. Upon return to Bartlesville he opened a music studio, teaching piano and percussion. He plays percussion in the Bartlesville symphony and has traveled internationally playing in various honorary and goodwill ambassador orchestras. During his precollege years Travis was a cast member in three CMT productions and was a two time Bartlesville Symphony Young Artist in both percussion and piano. Travis was the Conductor in CMT’s 2016 Main-stage summer musical of Beauty and the Beast, 2015’s Mary Poppins; and the Assistant Music Director for CMT’s 2013 main-stage summer musical A Little Princess. He will once again serve as the the conductor for CMT’s 2017 Main-stage summer musical, ANNIE. Travis is currently serving as a Representative in the State House of Representatives.

Travis appeared in 3 CMT main stage shows: Cinderella (2000), Wizard of Oz (2001), Bye Bye Birdie (2002).

Clint Shoemake

is a graduate of Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. In 2012, he interned in Washington DC for the U.S. Department of State where he worked in the Office of the Coordinator for Cuban Affairs. Clint is currently a diplomat in the United States Foreign Service.

When we asked Clint how CMT helped prepare him for life, he responded, “I would like to think that my role as the Munchkin Barrister in The Wizard of Oz (2001) sparked my interest in international law and that walking my dog across the stage as the dogcatcher in Annie (2005) gave me a better appreciation for public servants. CMT made me a more well-rounded person. Part of the worldwide availability of service that comes with being a diplomat is being able to adapt to new scenarios, to quickly learn new skills, and to work with all kinds of people. These are all things I first learned from CMT.”

Tyler Waltman

As a high school student, Tyler Waltman performed in the pit orchestra for several CMT main-stage productions. This experience impacted his decision to pursue music as a career. He graduated with a degree in music and pursued a professional career as a military musician. “For someone who was very introverted and too shy to audition for a role on the stage” Tyler said, “CMT gave me the opportunity to get involved by performing in the pit orchestra. I was able to sit alongside and perform with professional musicians of the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra during Annie and Beauty and the Beast. Tyler now serves in the US Navy as a military musician, performing throughout the country.