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The Rainbow Fish Musical

Thank you to everyone who came to try out. Here is our final cast list for The Rainbow Fish Musical. Remember the first rehearsal is Monday at 4:30pm at the CMT building. We will have a quick parent meeting before rehearsal from 4:30 - 4:45 so please plan to come. We look forward to another amazing show at Children's Musical Theatre.

Cast of Characters:

Rainbow Fish - Jacquin Hallaway

Silver Scale One - Viviane McDonald

Silver Scale Two - Ani Patton

Starfish  -  Blythe Murray

Barnacle - Colin Hall 

Octopus  -  Payden Crawford

Little Fish  - Anika Mehta

Sardine -  Vivian Bussey

Hermit Crab - Andrew Coulson

Guppy - Lizzie Vowel

Shrimp - Katelyn Dohne

Snail - Marshall Cough 

Ms. Minnow -  Regan Cough 

Pufferfish - Jade Drake

Clownfish - Wesley Franklin

Angelfish -  Everleigh Tippett


Allyson Crow

Evangeline Prevost

Cheyenne True

Sophia Wilson

Caroline Boudreaux

Emeri Ward 

Olivia Turner

Grayson Ward

Reese Murray

Caydie Crawford

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