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2021 Main Stage Musical

FAQ Sheet CMT’s Matilda

What are the directors looking for in callbacks?

We will start callbacks on Wednesday afternoon with choreography. Children need to arrive 15 minutes prior to their callback time dressed to dance. Parents are asked to come in to fill out additional forms and then please leave children to pick up at time assigned (we just do not have room in our building for parents to wait). 

Will there be more than one callback?

It is likely that your child can be called back several times. We start with dance but then some children will be asked to come back again to sing and possibly some more times to read. Children need their schedules kept open so that they can come back when asked any of those days. If there is a conflict you must notify the CMT office at 918-336-0558.

When we will find out the final cast list? 

Anticipate notification the first week in April.

If my child makes the cast what happens next?

If your child makes the final cast list then you have one week to notify the CMT office if your child accepts his/her role in the show. Once you make that commitment we expect you to keep it! We will then send out information about the upcoming parent meeting where we will give you everything you need to know about having your child take part in a CMT show.

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