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2021 Main Stage Musical

FAQ Sheet CMT’s Matilda

What are the directors looking for in a recorded audition?

This is not about the quality of the recording but the potential of the young auditioning actor. To be drawn in by a performance, the character needs to believe in the importance of what they must tell. “I have something to say that needs saying.” It’s also compelling if movement is purposeful—no wriggling, hair twirling, looking at the ground—unless it comes from the character, of course.

Does this have to be memorized?

It is fine to memorize the monologue if it frees up the actor. If the actor is tied in knots and struggling to remember the words, it doesn’t serve anyone. Memorization is something we all can do—it wasn’t work to memorize “Happy Birthday.” We did it because it was fun and frequent. If you can apply that to memorizing the four-five sentences of the monologue, great! If not, there is no penalty.

What if I don’t have recording equipment?

The acting and vocal auditions can be recorded on your cellphone. In fact, Kathy, Nick and Alison have recorded their messages by cell. Besides, your young actor is probably used to the family recording moments this way and it isn’t intimidating. If you wish, CMT will help you with the recording—please call the office (918) 336-0558 by February 19th to arrange when to come in.

What if my actor wants to audition for more than one role? Should we submit more than one song and monologue?

This is more difficult concept, however it doesn’t matter which monologue your actor uses as long as it is complete and interesting. There is some sorting that happens in the initial auditions—older actors will mostly likely play adults, Matilda will most likely be played by a girl, that sort of thing. The callback auditions in March will help us focus on specific roles for actors. The goal at this point is to achieve a callback by doing a strong monologue.

We have a voice teacher who is willing to play the accompaniment live. Is that preferrable?

To keep an even playing field, we prefer you use the recording provided by the music director.

We have a different song or monologue we typically use for auditions. Can we substitute that?


When we will find out if our actor is called back?

Anticipate notification the first week in March.

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