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How is the Main-stage Summer Musical Cast?

Main-Stage Musical Program

How is a CMT Summer Musical cast?

Any young person may audition who falls within the age range of 7-17 by September 1st of the audition year.  There will no longer be a school grade criterion.  For example:  1) a six year old student who turns 7 on July 28th may audition; 2) a seventeen year old student who turns 18 on August 28th may not audition.  Reading proficiency may be included in the audition process.

To keep all casting decisions unbiased, each year CMT hires a professional Director, Music Director and Choreographer from outside of the Bartlesville area. Sometimes the Artistic Staff members have been involved with CMT before, but CMT tries to rotate or vary the staff from year to year, to expose kids to different teaching-styles. The musical Producer and CMT Board members, who do not have a child auditioning for the musical, assist the Artistic Staff in administrative and organizational duties during auditions. There is a huge amount of work that needs to be done to keep auditions and callbacks moving as smoothly as possible! No Producer or Board member who has a child auditioning for a show is allowed in the audition room during the entire audition process.

Every set of Artistic Staff hold first-round auditions and conduct call-backs differently. The first audition is almost always a prepared vocal solo. Everyone who is called back after first-round auditions does a dance audition. Sometimes those called-back also sings in chorus auditions, but some Artistic Staff make cuts after the first dance audition…it depends on the staff and the dance needs of the show. Typically there is a second-round of dance call-backs that the Choreographer uses to challenge kids for more difficult dance roles in a show. After chorus and dance callbacks, cuts are made and some people are called to read and sing for different named roles.

Throughout the process it is only the Artistic Staff who makes decisions about cuts and callbacks. In the end, it is the professional Artistic Staff that makes all casting decisions for the summer musical and CMT Producers, staff and Board members have no input in casting decisions.

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