I Didn’t Realize CMT Would Become Such A Big Part Of My Life

Meet Elizabeth HIne

Elizabeth is a veterinarian at Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic in Dewey where she is fulfilling her mission of “focusing on lifetime wellness for people’s beloved pets by emphasizing nutrition and preventative medicine”. She also has special interests in internal medicine and veterinary acupuncture. Elizabeth graduated from the University of Missouri with Bachelors and Masters degrees (MIZ-ZOU!) and Texas A&M (WHOOP!) for her DVM.  

Elizabeth and her husband, Steve, celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary this year. Their daughter, Catherine, is a CMT alum and a sophomore at Texas Christian University. Elizabeth says, “Our family is rounded out by 3 senior small-breed dogs that came to us in their adult years, each with their own sad story….they are living the good life, keep us busy and from getting bored!”   

Elizabeth has spent the last 18 months producing CMT’s Beauty and the Beast with Jan Watt and now that things have slowed down for her, she is looking forward to returning to her hobbies – playing the piano, reading, and spending time in her yard.   

Elizabeth served on the CMT Board from 2009-2014 and rejoined the Board in 2016. She first became involved with CMT attending Bye, Bye Birdie in 2004. “Like a lot of parents, I got involved with CMT because my daughter was cast in a summer musical. Her first show was Oliver in 2007 and I volunteered with costumes and painting sets. I did not realize at the time that CMT would become a huge part of my life…although I still love costuming and painting sets.    

“What keeps me involved is seeing how CMT has survived and grown thanks to community and family volunteerism and I think its mission of providing fine arts education opportunities to youth is even more important today than it was when I first heard of CMT in 2004”. Elizabeth is a member of the First Ladies of CMT Club, a member of the Encore Society, donating each month to ensure CMT continues for the next generation of musical theatre enthusiasts. Elizabeth serves in many ways, as a board member, summer musical producer, Costume Shop and Prop Room volunteer, and First Lady of CMT.

Shining moment for you as a Board volunteer? Seeing CMT have its own building with choir and dance rooms, and classes and summer camps using the building…to see that become a reality is very exciting!

What are you looking forward to over the next six months? Seeing more renovations and remodeling take shape at CMT…a decent parking lot and a black box theatre are in the plans!