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CMT's Volunteers are vital to its success! Our programs are successful because of our committed, active, and numerous volunteers! (CMT was a finalist for the 2016 Beacon Award, thanks in part to its high level of volunteerism which enhances our community!)

Year-Round Volunteer Needs

  • Office Help
  • Operations Committee

    Volunteers that complete day-to-day operational needs for CMT such as costume, set, and prop shop organization, organize rentals, general cleaning, and observing Stage School programs.

  • Public Relations and Marketing Committee

    Volunteers who write press releases, update social media, and help promote CMT events.

Summer Camps needs

  • Scenic painters
  • Craft helpers
  • Costumers
  • Make-up artists

Examples of Main-stage Summer Production Needs:


  • Costuming
  • Sets and Props
  • Promotion
  • Fundraising
  • Show Program
  • Rehearsal Attendants
  • Audition Accompanists
  • Production Interns (College Students)

    See Career Opportunities for more information.

  • Hospitality/Lunch Runners
  • Orchestra Musicians


  • Costuming
  • Dressers
  • Make up and Hair
  • Stage Crew
  • Technical Crews
  • Security Crew
  • Reception
  • Hospitality

Post Production

  • Launder costumes
  • Organize Storage of Costumes, Props, and Sets

Every CMT Program has different volunteer needs. The Main-stage Musical program is the most involved and intensive, but even the CMT Stage School can benefit from your flexible and intermittent hours. Thank you for considering to volunteer for Children's Musical Theatre of Bartlesville! We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you have.

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