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Summer Camp Staff

Career Opportunities

Kids (elementary-age) and Junior (middle-school age) Summer Camps programs are offered each year. A Director/Music Director, Assistant Director/Choregrapher, Cast Manager, and Assistants are hired for each Summer Camp experience. See the Kids Summer Camps and Junior Summer Camps pages for more information.

Summer Camp DIRECTOR/MUSIC DIRECTOR responsibilities:

  • Experience in working with age level of kids in camp, experience with large groups of kids is helpful, musical skills-vocally/instrumentally if Music Director. Helpful to have some previous teaching experience and/or expertise.
  • Will be in charge of entire camp staff. Will define responsibilities and tasks of camp staff for overall camp and on a daily basis.
  • Will be responsible for camp size of 25-40 age level children.
  • Maintain discipline in campers and staff.
  • Facilitate activities that give children a sense of accomplishment that comes from mastering techniques and completing projects. Group Management skills to engage all campers in daily activities.
  • Will direct acting and musical training of campers; delegate appropriate acting/musical training to qualified camp staff as needed and follow up with camp staff and campers to assure camp standards and training/tasks have been attained with large and small groups and individual lead players.
  • Will develop basic acting, musical, blocking, set creation, props, costuming, stage make-up, speaking, etc…etc… skills in all campers; delegate and follow-up with camp staff and campers
  • Follow-up with Cast Manager to prepare additional “Downtime” musical theatre projects/theatre games to assure kids are having fun and learning at same time
  • Remember to “Keep it simple” – this is about them learning basic skills-not perfection, there is a variety of kids-some musically/dancing talented-some not – they need to learn confidence, speaking, projection skills, some movement, some music, success at performing,
  • Treat all campers and camp staff with respect, and care, understand there are a variety of learning styles
  • Help kids get over hurdles for auditions, gently guide them with constructive, kind, fun and upbeat feedback, this isn’t the big show, this is a learning experience
  • Always be kind, use proactive/positive learning language and what is said to and about campers and not negative reinforcement.
  • Director creates a camp schedule based on previous years schedules and taking into account current shows blocking, lines, choreo, costuming, make-up, workshops – to be completed by May 15 (can be changed/flexible).

Summer Camp ASSISTANT DIRECTOR/MUSIC DIRECTOR/CHOREOGRAPHER responsibilities (depending on staffing needs, these positions may be split):

  • Assists Director/Music Director with all of the above, except being in charge of entire staff
  • Choreographer – Uses Show materials to develop age and skill appropriate choreography for cast/show roles. Teaches the choreography during rehearsals. Assists the Director ad Music Director with all above, except being in charge of staff.

Summer Camp CAST MANAGER responsibilities:

  • In charge of welfare of the cast during camp downtime when Artistic staff is not working with them.
  • Prepare additional “Downtime” musical theatre projects/theatre games to assure kids are having fun and learning at same time.
  • Oversee practical needs of the cast during rehearsal.
  • Help artistic staff with costume fittings, set and prop creation, and assist as needed with campers during production process.
  • Maintain order and discipline of the campers.
  • Place calls to campers not in attendance at camp each day.
  • Along with Directors-assure that all campers have left facility with appropriate adult at the end of camp each day.
  • Be familiar with rehearsal/production facility safety requirement, emergency plans and evacuation procedures.

For full Summer Camp Job Descriptions, please contact CMT at 918-336-0558.

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