Anne Reburn

Anne Reburn, a former Bartlesville resident, released her debut single “So It Goes” on November 10th. The single is available for digital download on iTunes and to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.
Once a regular on the Bartlesville stage, she is excited to be taking her talent to a broader audience. She currently resides in Los Angeles, although her parents still call Bartlesville home. Her upcoming tracks are currently in production with her producer, Colton Jean, and co-writer, Jordan Lindley.

Reburn says, “CMT was an invaluable part of my artistic formation and one of the major things that developed and nurtured my love for performing. My childhood summers were built around CMT shows, and I look back on those years with such nostalgia and warmth. I’m performing on a different “stage” now, in front of almost 90,000 YouTube subscribers, but musical theatre will always have a part of my heart because of my years at CMT.

As we’ve heard so many times, the skills and self-awareness you get from CMT don’t just help you as a performer on stage. They help you as a person in the world.”